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I started in the Internet Marketing space in 2000, when I co-founded one of the world's first email service providers, CoolerEmail. As a pioneer in responsible email marketing, we grew CoolerEmail into a global software company specializing in marketing communication with over 1,500 clients. In 2010, after spending several years designing and implementing a more comprehensive way to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, I launched GreenRope, a cloud-based platform that simplifies and consolidates a company's sales, marketing, and operations. GreenRope currently provides technology solutions to over 3,000 companies worldwide.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to write and publish, CRM For Dummies, part of the globally acclaimed "For Dummies" series of books. In the book, I cover strategies and tactics that help businesses design and implement a successful CRM strategy.

My favorite CRM-related mantra is, “If it isn’t in the CRM, it didn’t happen.”

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My Goals

Promoting Great Client Relationships

Delighting customers and offering exceptional experiences builds the foundation for success. Technology helps bring your customer to the forefront, while making your team more efficient (and happy).

Promoting Collaboration & Integration

When you integrate your sales, marketing, and operations teams you experience increased transparency, accountability, and collaboration resulting in better data, streamlined efforts and ultimately better relationships with your leads and customers.

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Help business become a data-driven organizations by using the data they collect to generate, convert, and retain customers through automation, personalization, and integration.

Using Technology to Find Better Work-Life Balance

It can be hard to find balance, but with better businesses processes, you can stress less and enjoy more. Through technology, automation, and well-planned strategies, businesses can grow without the team being on constant overdrive.

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“Life is hard and then you die.” Uplifting, right?...

How to Use Opportunities to Take Your Sales to the Next Level

Opportunities are designed to help you track the entire sales process...

If it isn't in the CRM, it didn't happen

CRM isn't easy. There. I said it. I just admitted something most CRM salesperson will deny until the end of their days...

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CRM For Dummies Taught Me A Lot!

I read CRM for Dummies and it really helped me figure out how to build a CRM that worked for my non-profit. I was able to plan my business processes and bring them to reality.

Sue Prelozni
Founder, Sustainable Surplus

Awesome Presentation!!

I saw Lars Helgeson speak at a conference locally here in San Diego. I was so blown away by how knowledgable he was about the CRM industry.

Nico Becucci
Owner, Crepes and Corks

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    CRM For Dummies
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